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Treated This A’Way

Saturday was moving day. Saturday it snowed. Monday night five tornadoes tore through the metro. Wednesday we were outside in shirtsleeves. But it snowed Saturday. Such is March in Missouri. I had reserved a truck to move my worldlies from … Continue reading

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And the Women, They Bury the Dead

In some cultures it is primarily women who prepare the dead for burial. I don’t know this to be universal, nor even how wide-spread a practice it is. I could research it, of course, but it is the kind of … Continue reading

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I am trying to remember The last day I spent in bed Covered by a thin linen sheet, The soft caress of An oscillating fan Kissing the surface of my skin, A Lover’s leg Draped lazily over my own, Fingertips … Continue reading

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Footing the Bill

I know some people Have a “thing” about feet. I am not one of them. To me a foot Is a means of locomotion And I don’t even know How efficient it is: I read once That the Big Toe … Continue reading

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It was a slow afternoon at the Chinese buffet, a little too late for lunch, a little too soon for Early Bird dinner. Patrons still paid the lunch price—a couple of dollars cheaper for the exact same food. The host … Continue reading

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Steering Between Scylla and Charybdis

 I am not a good man. Oh, I want to think of myself as an ethical, compassionate individual. I advocate for the poor and dispossessed. I vote for candidates who support a strong safety net for those same people. But … Continue reading

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