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A Peach of A Hand

“Solomon in all his Glory was not arrayed as one of these.” A world of possibilities pulsates beneath the skin of the sun-ripened peach. A soft fuzz covers the surface of the skin—a fact itself hinting at this fruit’s separation … Continue reading

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A Reasonable Appeal to Passion

-or- A Passionate Appeal to Reason My poet friends Are quite verbose About those things That get their goat Injustice or Oppression or Some c— Who broke their heart— But though I used to Rant and Rage I have found … Continue reading

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The Fruit of Knowledge

  So, during the unlikely circumstance of watching a television commercial I experienced something of an epiphany.   Okay. Perhaps epiphany is too strong a word. “Came to terms with something” may be more accurate.   My attraction to the … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect

A photograph always distorts reality.  It is 2-dimensional so it distorts spatial reality.  It cuts out anything beyond the frame as if it doesn’t exist.  For purposes of the photo nothing else does exist.  It also distorts temporal reality by … Continue reading

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