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When Nature Claims Her Own

Gaea, the goddess of all the earth, is trying to kill me. I don’t know what I did. I’m on her side, for crying out loud. I’ve always known the Trees are going to win. I’m on their side. But … Continue reading

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The Brief Life and Tragic Death of Starling Witt

Monique found a fledgling Sunday, hopping at the bottom of the basement stairs behind her shop. Monique is the poet, artist, Standing Rock veteran, and all-around bad-ass Latinx dynamo behind The Skullery Maid, a vintage furniture and clothing shop on … Continue reading

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Nooby Abba Naba

The quiet morning hours are my favorite, before most humans began moving about their bustley days, when the sound of tires whirring against the pavement are sparse and distant, and the palette of stars prepares to yield the field for … Continue reading

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Ballad of a Mean Man

“We are billion year old carbon … and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.” I try to take my pleasure where I can find it. I find it in the sunsets and lightning storms. In butterflies that … Continue reading

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Spring Musings

That Stumpy is kind of a bad-ass. Stumpy is the name I call one of the neighborhood squirrels. My neighborhood is in the Olde Town section of Blue Springs, Missouri, that spreads mostly westward from where late 19th Century residents … Continue reading

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A Peach of A Hand

“Solomon in all his Glory was not arrayed as one of these.” A world of possibilities pulsates beneath the skin of the sun-ripened peach. A soft fuzz covers the surface of the skin—a fact itself hinting at this fruit’s separation … Continue reading

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Dancing With Dragons; Overcoming Angels

There are spring afternoons when the Sky is a crisp, azure linen that Zephyrus spreads over earth’s four corners as fluffy cirrus and cumulus and cirrocumulus clouds tumble like a litter of kittens across it. It’s a blue too bright … Continue reading

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