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All of the Leaves Have Gone Green

I lost a friend last week. It was nothing so mundane as a social media unfriending. It was not some petty spat of the sort to which we’re wont by virtue of being Human and having egos. It wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Wonders to Perform

If it weren’t for marijuana you wouldn’t be here. I know I’ve told you your mother and I met when a mutual friend cast her in a one-act he directed for his senior project. It was fall 1978. We were … Continue reading

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In Which Captain Munch Kills Captain Crunch

Marijuana is good. I am sure that God heartily approves of Marijuana. So thought Merrimac Adams, rummaging through his Mother Hubbard kitchen for something—anything—to curb the gnawing in his gut. And that is another good thing about pot, Merrimac mused. … Continue reading

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Remembering the Sergeant Brothers

Most of this essay is based on my observations and memories.  Time doubtless has shaped the memories.  My own cultural background and upbringing shaped the observations.  Take it with however many grains of salt you wish … ~~~      They … Continue reading

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