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A Seat at the Tableaux

Somewhere in the bowels of my mother’s house sits a sturdy coffee table of deep, black wood carved in ornate patterns and iconic rural Japanese dioramas wrapping up the legs and around the 48” x 18” perimeter of the tableau, … Continue reading

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When Nature Claims Her Own

Gaea, the goddess of all the earth, is trying to kill me. I don’t know what I did. I’m on her side, for crying out loud. I’ve always known the Trees are going to win. I’m on their side. But … Continue reading

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Bards & Other Liars

Do characters in literature recognize when their chapter has come to an end? Once upon a time I thought I wanted to tell stories. This morning I sit looking out my window at rain-slick Troost Avenue cutting northward through the … Continue reading

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Treated This A’Way

Saturday was moving day. Saturday it snowed. Monday night five tornadoes tore through the metro. Wednesday we were outside in shirtsleeves. But it snowed Saturday. Such is March in Missouri. I had reserved a truck to move my worldlies from … Continue reading

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Smoke & Mirrors

I work construction. I’ve worked construction most of my adult life. My current job involves putting the finishing touches on the newest Big Box in a nearby Missouri suburb. I’ve been on the job two months. I’m a hired gun. … Continue reading

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Dancing With Dragons; Overcoming Angels

There are spring afternoons when the Sky is a crisp, azure linen that Zephyrus spreads over earth’s four corners as fluffy cirrus and cumulus and cirrocumulus clouds tumble like a litter of kittens across it. It’s a blue too bright … Continue reading

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Concretions of Ecstasy

Making due Little Conestoga imports: Wagons crammed with Guilt, Mule-trains loaded with shame, Packages bursting with Expectations Making do Trying hard to be The Man My parents expected My country expected My Alma Mater expected My culture expected My neighbors … Continue reading

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