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The Brief Life and Tragic Death of Starling Witt

Monique found a fledgling Sunday, hopping at the bottom of the basement stairs behind her shop. Monique is the poet, artist, Standing Rock veteran, and all-around bad-ass Latinx dynamo behind The Skullery Maid, a vintage furniture and clothing shop on … Continue reading

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Smiling on a Cloudy Day

I saw comic AJ Finny at Stanford’s Comedy Club in Overland Park last night. I first met AJ at the Uptown Arts Bar during their 2nd or 3rd commemoration of the Berkley Human Be-In. It had to be the Be-In … Continue reading

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Outside It’s America

A modest, unassuming house snuggles into a green hillside in a land once called Little Dixie, back when memories of that War shaped the minds of adults who remembered sitting on the knees of its vets. In the inaugural decades … Continue reading

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Discounting Friends & Family

Helga called the other day. Helga is the latest in an ever-widening circle of mothers-in-law I have been collecting for the past quarter century. A government bureaucrat I once knew told me there are instruments in the Law establishing legal … Continue reading

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Unafraid of the Ball

Wednesday evening, watching my hometown Kansas City Royals’ road game against Cincinnati, I saw something I had never seen before. In the bottom of the 5th, with bases loaded, Cinci’s Jay Bruce popped up a hit that prompted the umpire … Continue reading

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An Hogshead of Real Fire

The Celebrated Mister E Performed his poems on Saturdee With Stephie French In the Pit upstairs at Prospero’s A group of Bards and Oracles Met in a pinch … On the corner of West 39th Street and Bell, at the … Continue reading

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Blogging Kansas City

Blogging Kansas City                 I ran a rare errand into Kansas City today. Down to the Westport neighborhood—a neighborhood which was once an independent town in its own right—which launched a thousand ships across a sea of prairie grasses, wheeled … Continue reading

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