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Random Acts

No one knows when Rebecca Silverspoon Bourgeois first came under a geas of performing Random Acts of Kindness. Perhaps it was when her Ladies’ Book Club read that book Oprah hailed for milking anecdotes of the Inner City Poor. Or … Continue reading

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Phoenix Rising

  As we roamed off path through the park I came upon some lovely white toadstools sprung among the lovely languid emerald blades of grass beneath a copse of trees. “Hold up!” I told Leon, and turned on my camera, … Continue reading

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Bards & Other Liars

Do characters in literature recognize when their chapter has come to an end? Once upon a time I thought I wanted to tell stories. This morning I sit looking out my window at rain-slick Troost Avenue cutting northward through the … Continue reading

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Do You See What I See?

On the fringes of the irregularly-shaped blocks formed in Kansas City’s Hyde Park neighborhood, where the street grid running south from the Missouri and east from the Kansas spreads over the undulating hills crowding up against the bluffs, an unprepossessing … Continue reading

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A Grand Parade

The Kansas City Royals won the World Series for the first time since 1985. There have been longer droughts between titles but that neither alleviated the frustration of the die-hards nor dampened the enthusiasm that funneled twice Kansas City’s population … Continue reading

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Prim’s Proper

I said, “The Hope of youth, fictitious truth, lays covered in a shroud.” –Larry Norman’s Nightmare #71 Any attempt describing the Kansas City Poetry Scene will of necessity be incomplete. Doubtless hundreds of thousands of Kansas Citians trudge through their … Continue reading

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A Call to Alms

It was the last day of the year. Sunrise was hours away. A blanket of blackness stretched taut across the firmament, enveloping all the earth, it seemed, though even on the hilltops the horizon was scant few miles distant. Especially … Continue reading

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