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A Play in Three Acts

Act the First: our hero is abed long past any decent hour for proper folk to sleep when work was to be done. “Will’am Tinker!” came a cry from outside the daub-and-wattle house standing on the dusty road snaking through … Continue reading

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First of the Month of Poems

Memoriam In Requieum All those dreams Draining like fine sand Between my fingers All those Hopes Disappointed And left forlorn Like New Years Eve Knocking at her front door As the meter ticks And cabbie honks– Like Groom in tux … Continue reading

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Dream Alone

I had an unusually vivid dream last night. Normally I don’t remember my dreams. I know there are sleep studies that indicate everyone dreams, even if we don’t remember them. Some time ago I decided that when I remember my … Continue reading

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