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Cobwebs & Sunbeams

Much of my writing deals with memory, these days. Not necessarily my own. Perhaps it is the oh-so-stereotypical Mid-Life Yada Yada clinging to that sled speeding downhill toward the precipice. Perhaps it’s packing my worldlies into movers’ boxes. Perhaps it … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Eastern Glow

It was beyond dark on the road that morning. The road was southbound Missouri Highway 7. Out where neither town nor county nor anyone else considered it worth installing streetlights. A Wall of darkness climbed to eternity on the right … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday Meditation

Ash Wednesday is the most humbling day of the Christian calendar. This day we deliberately remind ourselves of our own mortality. I rose early and drove to the cathedral for Imposition of the Ashes. That is a rite where the … Continue reading

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A Super Bowl Poem

The Lord G-d Almighty Dons His form-fit football jersey Emblazoned with the numeral “1”– Which is an inside joke, Him being the One G-d, and all– And his team-colors triangle Pennant on a stick (Another inside joke, you know). He … Continue reading

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