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If you put your metaphor on And wear it like a Lycra® … Glove Until its mind is your mind— And vice versa— And it seems the most Natural Thing in the World … Kill it. Toss the biggest rock … Continue reading

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The Meandering Musings of an Absentee Father

Originally posted on makingchickensalad:
This essay is a reprise from another blog I had a couple years ago.It seemed appropriate, today.(Photo courtesy of my dear friend, Lance Apple, the very present father of two fine young men.) I come from…

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I only want What I can’t have So it is no wonder I want you. And I am well aware Of all the reasons I am not a “good choice” For anyone And am aware of others You can’t have … Continue reading

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Bring Out Your Dead

Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man. —Mercutio, Romeo & Juliet; Act 3, Scene 1 I have a thing for cemeteries. I always have. An imaginative inquisitor can learn volumes about the history of an … Continue reading

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